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Currently, we have full time and part time company driver positions in the Mid-West but if you don't have to be home EVERY weekend, you can live just about anywhere in America..... Owner Operators are welcome too !




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Welcome to a Great Opportunity !! 

This website caters to drivers needing work, companies needing drivers, drivers wanting to be self-employed, as well as, some special reports on how company drivers can earn money recruiting and how to ask the most important questions in a company driver interview.

 Our mission is to match good drivers with respectable companies who truly care about their drivers.  We are hooked up with some of the best companies and will attempt to steer drivers clear of some of the worst.


In the next few minutes, you could be on your way to a whole new career with one of the fastest growing and highest paying jobs in the entire trucking industry.  We currently have dry van, flatbed, step deck, reefer, tanker and hopper bottom jobs that you can begin almost immediately.   If you complete our application, are completely honest and sincerely want to work, you better be prepared because you will be working very soon.  Most importantly, you'll be happy you made the decision to make this change your life.  Click here to start  today !!


If you currently have openings and you want the best of the best and are willing to treat our drivers with the utmost respect and consideration they deserve, we can fill most or all of your openings.  We can provide our own drivers, employed by us, on a temporary basis or we can provide drivers to you on a permanent basis.  We're not just a  name or email address provider.  Let us help with ALL your driver needs.

You may be totally surprised but your company will need to meet a certain criteria for us to place drivers with you.  Some specific industry problems we try to keep our drivers away from are as follows:

  1)  If your drivers drive 1,000 miles but you pay them for 850 or 880 miles.
  2)  If you believe home time is "swinging by the house" for a couple hours.
  3)  If you believe detainment starts after 4 hours or you pay it only if you get it from the account.
  4)  If you don't have enough trailers or equipment to keep the drivers driving.
  5)  If you push and pressure drivers to drive and log illegally.
  6)  If your drivers are required to fuel at your terminals but you don't provide clean showers with hot water or
       reimburse for driver paid showers.
  7)  If you have no paid Holidays or can't even send a greeting card once a year.
  8)  If you have 2,500 mile a week quota's for pay increases and bonuses but dispatch less than 400 miles a day.
  9)  If your drivers have to work weekends and 7 days a week just to make the same pay as most drivers make in
       4 1/2 or 5 days.
10)  If your drivers are frequently sitting in truck stops with no load(s), over weekends and holidays.
11)  If your driver managers or dispatchers never rode in, much less, even sat in a truck.
12)  If you or your customers have restrooms for office employees but not for "truckers".

 Therefore, if your company is Knight, Swift, Roehl, Heartland or any others that operate with some or all of the above lack of respect, honesty, decency and consideration, we, nor our drivers, desire to work with your company.  

On the other hand, if your company has a "Mission Statement" that warrants decency
and respect to others and that "Mission Statement" applies to truck drivers the same as secretaries, managers and executives, we're on the same page.

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If you currently need a professional driver or temporary driver for a special load, abandoned vehicle,
new purchase, driveaway or some other special circumstance, we can quickly help.

  Do you need a driver for a day, a week or to pick up and deliver an abandoned load?  We can help today!!

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PAY & BENEFITS:  One company that we work with is currently paying between 25% (new or recent school graduate) and 33% of whatever the total load pays. One year experience pays 29% and with  two years experience, you start at 30%.  The average pay is about .40 or .45 cents per mile and that's pretty good for a one or two year experienced driver. More pay with more experience.  LOOK AT ALL THE BENEFITS... The company pays 1 week vacation at $125 per day x 5 days or $600 for the week and this is after SIX MONTHS.  A second weeks vacation after or at the end of one year and then one paid week thereafter every six months.  You get the money whether you take the time off or not.  They pay 6 Holidays per year at $120 whether your home or on the road, you get the $120.  They pay 1/2 of your medical and dental with a pretty reasonably priced group plan.  Most drivers are home almost every weekend. Drivers living outside the mid-west region, less frequently.  Pay is held the first week and paid in the 2nd week.  You receive a ComData or Fleet One fuel card whereby you can take advances against your pay up to $100 per week.  This card should cover your tolls or other reimbursed expenses. Need more??  Ask for more !!  No having to carry your own cash to pay company expenses.  No QualCom to pay for, wake you when your sleeping or to hassle with.  You can talk with a polite, REAL HUMAN BEING !!  When your application is processed and received through our web site, you will also receive additional bonuses.  The company is temporarily paying a FIVE THOUSAND ($5,000) DOLLAR sign-on bonus (NO, not all at once).  It's paid out with the 1st payment of $500 in 90 days and then $500 every six months until paid.  Safety bonuses are gift certificates at major stores.  Not "t" shirts advertising their company.   Additionally, you receive 50% of tarp pay, detainment by the hour (after 2), extra stop after the 1st stop and layover pay, if necessary.  No they don't pay your rent or electric bills  !!!  

I know this company likes to hire from the mid-west but I happen to know they currently need drivers because they have all these brand new 2019 Freightliners and that means the 2016's are gone.   APPLY TODAY !!

  LATE MODEL EQUIPMENT:  Sharp looking Freightliner 2017, 2018 and 2019 new trucks with chrome bumper (not the cheap plastic - see photo above).  Almost all have stand up sleepers, Cobra CB radios, refrigerator, pull out desk, quad stereo system with cassette & CD w/changer, clock radio wake up alarm, air conditioning and straight ten speed transmission.  All trailers are 48', air ride with spread-axles.   Therefore, you don't need to scale all loads and these trailers pull and ride easier than most.  Maybe 1 load out of 15 or 20 need to be scaled. Powerful engines so you can make most hills without having to drop to 3rd or 4th gear like so many smaller engines.  All trucks have EZPass/IPass.  If in the Chicago toll road area, you can drive right on by because you don't have to stop.  Securement equipment is safe and in good condition including tarps and straps.  Company trucks and trailers can be repaired on the road and are typically serviced at the home base with very little delay time...  Since all trucks are within 3 years old, they are under full warranty. A breakdown is very, very rare, but most importantly, fast to fix at any Freightliner Dealer, TA truck stops or other authorized service centers.

    REIMBURSED EXPENSES:  Company pays for all extra truck expenses like scales, toll roads and yes, you can run almost all toll roads in America.  They pay for showers at 100% (not $5.00 or ??) and up to $50 towards your cellular telephone bill (if it's $38.45 for the month, that's what they pay).  I've seen the company pay for motel rooms on the road under certain conditions.  Pre-approved truck washes are reimbursed at 100%.  

   CLASSES & ORIENTATION:  Experience drivers and owner/operators are in and out of orientation in 5 or less days. Recent school graduates will be required to work with one trainer for one week and a different trainer a second week before getting their own truck.  Orientation is paid at a rate of $75 per day and includes a motel with an indoor pool and small breakfast (continental).  You pay all other meals.  We have been known to get transportation paid to orientation but only if the applicant uses our "on-line" application.

   COMPANY PHILOSOPHY:  The company makes its money by you turning wheels.  Therefore, there are only a few accounts that you will ever wait any length of time to get loaded.  Any wait beyond 2 hours is paid.  Any wait just prior to 2 hours and if you call in, you will be amazed at how quickly you will be called for loading.  There are plenty of runs and no waiting to be assigned a load.  When you drop, you get your next assignment.  Plan on staying busy. The company maintains a 98% no touch freight policy and also has a rider program including children 5 years old and up and that includes "live-in girl friends or boy friends". You will mostly run in the areas that you live in.  There are no NY city loads. So you won't be crossing the George Washington Bridge or any other bridge going into the NY city boroughs.  You shower where you want and your shower is paid for.  That means Loves, Pilot, Petro, TA's or Judy's Truck World or anywhere you choose.    Have to be home for a wedding or family emergency? You are there.  None of this "crap" that we can route you back but you never get there.   I've seen this company "dead head" drivers more than 700 miles, without a load, just to get them home on a weekend or Holiday.  On occasion, they have free (eat till your hearts content) outdoor cookouts at the home office and, at least, one Summer outing or get-together is on the schedule.

   SOUND TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE??   It's not !!  Flat bedding can be very hard work and very trying at times.  However, the pay is good and if you're with a good company, that respects you, like this one, it makes it a lot easier.  Especially, when someone says, "Thank you.  I appreciate the good job".  When was the last time, someone said that to you ??  Or when was the last time, the boss said, "Since your truck is in the shop for a couple hours, lets go get some lunch".  And.... he buys !!  A decent's not fast food !!   :-)  As of this writing, there were only three positions available. So don't delay too long !!

   HOW DO I GET STARTED:  It takes about 5 minutes to complete the application and if you are in a big hurry, complete the application to get scheduled for an interview.  You will be required to have a current physical, drug screen (usually paid for by company) and your driving record must be fairly decent.  Not perfect but decent. You know, no DUI's, murder convictions, overdosing, hit and run, etc.  


Q.   Is this flatbed company for real??

A.  You bet it is and there are more like it.  They don't do a lot of advertising so you rarely see their names but they exist. 

Q.   Do you have companies like this for dry van?? 

A.   Yes, some of the benefits are a bit different but most importantly, they appreciate you and work hard to make it show.

Q.    Why are there so many differences in recruiting practices and companies??

A.     This is a tough question.  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and each state's Department of Transportation has a great deal of control as to what happens on the road, as well as, ensuring reports are filed and drivers are qualified but they seem to have little concern about immoral and even illegal hiring practices.  When you advertise to get drivers by telling them you're going to pay them $.54 a mile but in reality they are making 15 to 25% less because the routes aren't practical or in some cases, not even truck routes, you abuse the whole process.  In any other industry, it would be fraud. Unfortunately, most of those cheating the drivers are the biggest companies, have "slick" legal representation and have the largest lobbying groups in Washington DC.  Perhaps, a "truth in hiring" law like the "truth in lending" laws would help.    One company pays up to $52 a mile but ONLY miles driven in the State of Maine.  Really??  Our written report, "Before You Sign On" covers most of lies and what is a "must know" before you change companies or start with a new company.  That was a bit of a commercial but it's well written and puts it all right there in front of you so you are completely prepared when they tell you they pay $.50 a mile or how they pay accessorial charges, detainment, Holidays, etc. 

Q.   Can I really get home on weekends with your companies??

A.    Yes, with this above flatbed company, for example, you are home almost every weekend.  Guessing 47 or 48 out of 52 weekends.  Most of our companies will get you home two or three weekends a month and try to get you to work one weekend. 

Q.   What's the next step??

A.    Click on the below icon and complete the preliminary application and expect to work.



Use the same application for ALL jobs and for Company Driver & Owner Operator Applicants


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